Company History and The Compuquip Connection

photo of the blue wave drivers

entered the cabling industry in the mid-1980s to compliment their existing IT offerings and provide a full-service solution for their clients. Prior to this, it was becoming increasingly difficult for to get their IT systems up-and-running for clients. They would run into countless roadblocks due to poor cabling that was not capable of supporting the innovative networks they were installing. Instead of relying on others for this service, decided to start installing cable themselves.

After nearly 20 years in the cabling business, growth in this sector demanded more attention and man-power. Thus, Blue Wave was born in 2004 to provide the best cabling in the industry that could support today’s demands for speed, efficiency, and security. As a part of a larger company, Blue Wave is able to leverage the financial security and strategic partnerships created by .

Compuquip’s original motivation for entering the cabling industry is the same reason for Blue Wave’s success today - to provide well-planned, correctly-installed and efficient cabling systems that can support networks. Not only is Blue Wave able to provide cabling solutions for , but they can also be a valuable asset to other organizations, large or small, by designing and installing reliable cabling systems that are equipped to handle advancements in technology.

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Blue Wave's Mission

Blue Wave Communications is committed to providing the highest quality of work and superior service for every customer. Our primary focus is to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers while providing cost-effective structured cabling solutions.

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Blue Wave's Vision

Our reputation as a premier cabling contractor is dependent on our ability to install structured cabling systems that are high quality and professional in every way. We are poised for growth in our industry and ready for challenges we will face as technology continues to evolve.

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Blue Wave's Slogan

Blue Wave Communications is more than a cabling contractor, we are your long-term partner committed to the highest quality of work with your best interest in mind.

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