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Blue Wave’s Cabling Expertise Results in Faster Information Flow, Greater Return on Investment

By Vanessa Orr

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Tim Orr, General Manager of Blue Wave

Tim Orr, General Manager of Blue Wave

There are few things more frustrating in an office setting than slow-moving data or frequent computer crashes.  And while many people are quick to blame phone lines or software programs, the fact is, there could be another reason why things aren’t working the way they should.

“A lot of businesses don’t realize that their networks are only as good as their weakest links, and cabling can have a lot to do with that,” explained Tim Orr, general manager of Blue Wave Communications. “If cables aren’t tested and installed to the proper standards, they can degrade a company’s network, causing it to run more slowly, take more time to connect, and cause programs to crash.”

Blue Wave Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of IT provider Compuquip Technologies, designs and installs cabling systems for clients including medical offices and hospitals.  Working with clients and building contractors, Blue Wave designs cabling systems that can adjust to evolving office space, as well as technology upgrades. “In a lot of telecom rooms and data centers, the space is not well designed for managing the vast number of cables involved in newer networks,” said Orr. “Years ago, most offices were primarily cabling telephone systems in small, wall-mounted boxes with the cables strung up.  When data and computer systems were brought on in the 1990s, more space was needed.

“In larger offices, there can now be hundreds of cables converging in one room,” he added. “If that space is not designed properly, it becomes unmanageable.”

Cabling is especially important in health care offices, where physicians may store electronic medical records on computers or use PCs as part of their imaging systems. “Hospitals and medical offices tend to use more emergent technologies, which require a strong network with the capacity to handle large amounts of data,” said Orr. “Because these offices tend to be more forward-looking in technology, it’s important that the cabling be ‘future-proofed’ – while we don’t know what technologies will be available 10 years from now, we want to install higher grade cable that has the capacity to handle increased data traffic.

“Unlike a company in a commercial building, which may lease space for five or six years and then leave, medical offices tend to stick around,” Orr added. “In this case, installing higher-grade cable enables them to get a higher return on their investment for a longer period of time.”

Blue Wave certifies the cable in every installation it does, testing it to make sure that it meets industry standards and performs as it should. “If we install 1,000 cables, we test and certify 1,000 cables,” said Orr. These test results are also provided to the customer.

Approximately 60 percent of Blue Wave’s business is new construction, and it is also known for its expertise in MAC (Moves, Additions, and Changes) work. “Hospitals are often moving offices, adding people, and changing layouts,” said Orr. “This is one of the reasons that it’s so important to establish long-term relationships with clients; it’s a lot easier for them if they have a company to work with who knows their facilities.”

John Santangelo, IT director at Florida’s Cleveland Clinic, agrees that Blue Wave’s background in health care cabling is quite an asset. “Our Palm Beach project was very unique – we needed cabling for a fully functioning health care clinic on the 14th floor of City Place Tower, as well as cabling for full MRI and CT capabilities on the first floor,” he said. “It was a 90-day, start-to-finish job.”

“Tim assured me that Blue Wave would meet our deadline and that the cabling would pass inspection without issue so that we could open on time,” he added. “Because he was very proactive in pointing out issues that could arise, the project had zero problems, and it was seamless for us to take over.”

Blue Wave also handled all of the wiring on the fourth floor of Cleveland Clinic’s main clinic building in Weston. “This was an open cubicle business environment that was converted to clinical space in order to accommodate our growing medical staff,” said Santangelo. “Similar to Palm Beach, Blue Wave’s knowledge of healthcare IT make it a complete success with no delays.”

“We keep our clients’ needs in mind all of the time,” said Orr of Blue Wave’s commitment to quality. “What our customers want is honesty, integrity, responsiveness and expertise, and that’s the way we do business.”

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